International Short Film Festival






8 by Irina Guivan (Russia)
Aaba by Amar Kaushik (India)
Across My Land by Fiona Godivier (Etats-Unis, France)
Africa by Naïm Aït-Sidhoum (France)
After School Knife Fight by Jonathan Vinel & Caroline Poggi (France)
Avant de dormir by Nikolay Todorov (Bulgaria)
Avec Thelma by Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni (Belgium)
Blues with Me by Lee Hanjong (South Korea)
Borders by Andra Chiriac (France, Roumania)
Calamity by Maxime Feyers & Séverine by Streyker (Belgium)
Celui qui brule by Slimane Bounia (France)
Clan by Stefanie Kolk (Netherlands)
Como yo te amo by Fernando García Ruiz (Spain)
Crash by Hong Heng Fai (China)
Dead reckoning by Paul Wenninger & Susan Young (Austria)
Die Besonderen Fähigkeiten Des Herrn Mahler by Paul Philipp (Germany)
Die brücke über den fluss by Jadwiga Kowalska (Switzerland)
For real tho by Baptist Penetticobra (France)
Fox-Terrier by Hubert Charuel (France)
Greetings From Aleppo by Thomas Vroege, Floor Van Der Meulen & Issa Touma (Syria, Netherlands)
Gros chagrin by Celine Devaux (France)
Heimat by Sam Peeters (Belgium)
Il pleut sur Ouaga by Fabien Dao (Burkina Faso, France)
I'm In Here by Willy Berliner (USA)
JÄÄ by Anna Hints (Estonia, France, Luxembourg)
J'aime Eva Marsh by Remy Rondeau (France)
J'mange froid by Romain Laguna (France)
La Chambre vide by Dahee Jeong (France)
Le quatrième royaume by Alex Lora (Spain)
Les Bigorneaux by Alice Vial (France)
L'Etui Rouge by Loran Perrin (France)
Lower Heaven by Emad Aleebrahim Dehkordi (France, Iran)
Marlon by Jessica Palud (France)
May Day by Olivier Magis & Fedrik by Beul (Belgium)
Nothing Happens by Michelle Kranot & Uri Kranot (Denmark)
Olga by Maxime Bruneel (France)
Pépé le morse by Lucrèce Andreae (France)
Pourquoi j'ai écrit la bible by Alexandre Steiger (France)
Qaris devna by Zura Demetrashvili (Georgia)
Retouch by Kaveh Mazaheri (Iran)
Riot by Frank Ternier (France)
Story Of A Job Interview by Alkim Özmen (Turkey, France)
T'es un bonhomme ! by Sylvain Certain (France)
The Absence of Eddy Table by Rune Spaans (Norway)
Une Nuit Douce by Qui Yang (China)
United Interest by Tim Weimann (Germany)
Valparaiso by Carlo Sironi (Italy)
Wald Der Echos by Luz Olivares Capelles (Austria)
Written / Unwritten by Adrian Silisteanu (Germany)
Y a pas que des histoires de Cucu by Anne-Laure Daffis & Léo Marchand (France)
Zagraj ze mna by Milena Dutkowska (Poland)


Acizo by Derek Woolfenden (France)
As Time Goes By by Noemi Sjöberg (Spain)
Cilaos by Camilo Restrepo (France)
Commodity Trading (Part 1 of 3): Election Day by Michael Woods (USA)
Du côté de la réalité immédiate by Pierre Villemin (France)
Éléments 1, 2, 3 by Tomaž Burlin (France)
Exit by Pascale Paroissien (Canada)
Green Screen Gringo by Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands)
Kaïros by Stefano Canapa & Elisa Ribes (France)
Katagami by Michael Lyons (Japan)
KL by William Henne (Belgium)
Koropa vostfr by Laura Henno (France)
Le rêve de la pêcheuse by Samuel Bester (France)
Les îles by Yann Gonzalez (France)
Ra Menada by Alice Angeletti (Germany)
Retour à l'inouï by Eliot Ratinaud (France)
RGB+ by Roberto D'Alessandro (France)
Sous-Titrés by Geoffrey Greindl (Belgium)
Stray Dogs by Francois Lejault (France)
The Missing Part by Salvador Sunyer (Spain)
Timepulse by Cristiano Panepuccia (Italiy)
Towards The Hague by Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl (Netherlands)
Ugly by Nikita Diakur (Germany)
Um Campo De Aviacão by Joana Pimenta (Portugal, Brazil, USA)
Une Biographie by Alexander Schellow (France)


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