Réalisé par Kevin Biele | Allemagne | 2020 | 12min


A laundromat at night. A woman asks a stranger to try on her husband's shirt, fearing that it has shrunk. She then asks him to rehearse the reunion between her and her husband, to lose her nervousness. What starts out as a clumsy rehearsal eventually creates a rapprochement between the two unknowns.


Réalisation : Kevin Biele

Genre : Fiction

Nationalité : Allemagne

Année : 2020

Durée : 12min

Scénario : Lisa Polster

Direction Photo : Leon Emonds-Pool

Montage : Leo Muheim

Son : Leo Muheim

Musique originale : David Clermont

Interprétation : Merle Wasmuth, Paul Wollin


Production : Lisa Polster