The Last Matador

Réalisé par Katariina Lillqvist | Finlande, Espagne, République Tchèque | 2020 | 7min


When the last bullfighting arena in Catalonia has turned into a shopping mall, an old matador has to earn his living in the bars of Barcelona. One night, a bored Russian president pops in, trying to freshen up his too long holidays. In no time he feels an urgent desire to try on his luck as a corrido hero.


Réalisation : Katariina Lillqvist

Genre : Animation

Nationalité : Finlande, Espagne, République Tchèque

Année : 2020

Durée : 7min

Scénario : Katariina Lillqvist

Animation : Katariina Lillqvist, Michal Kubicek

Direction Photo : Alan Soural

Montage : Alan Soural

Son : Anaïs Argelich, Roman Capek


Production : Fotos i Films